La Maison Rose - The Pinkhouse Restaurant | 371 Gorordo Avenue, Baranggay Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu 6000 PH | +63.9178414197  ©Louis Thevenin

© Romain Rivière


The renovation of the Pink House was commissioned to Cebu-based, Parisian painter and decorator, Delphine De Lorme. Inspired by its original Asian and French influences with a 1930’s ambiance, Delphine accessorized and designed the house in Shanghai and Hanoi-colonial French styles along with the fun-filled spirit of pop art, creating an eclectic and playful masterpiece. 

Some pieces like the gramophone come from all over the world, others from antique shops or downtown stores, while some from old, dusty attics. Most of which are old and forgotten pieces that were given “a second life” with a new design. Delphine has given all pieces a personalized touch making every corner of the house unique. Its bold colors, intricate details, and fascinating furniture create not just an enchanting house but an experience for anyone who enters it.


La Maison Rose - The Pinkhouse Restaurant